PREVIOUS ISSUE (Volume 13 No. 1 June 2019)

Ownership Structures, Control Mechanism and Related Party Transaction: An Empirical Study of the Indonesian Public Listed Companies
Berto Usman*
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Determinants of Consumer Attitudes toward Mobile Advertising: A Cross-border Study between Malaysia and Indonesia using PLS-MGA
Raimi Nur Hakimi, Xin Jean Lim*, Jun-Hwa Cheah, Hiram Ting, Santirianingrum Soebandhi, Sudiyanti Sudiyanti and Norazlyn Kamal Basha
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Export Expansion and Production Sharing in Malaysian Manufacturing
Choong, Pai Wei* and Noor Aini Khalifah
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Industrial Development, Subsidy Reform and Export Behaviour: An Evidence from ASEAN-5 Economies
Dzul Hadzwan Husaini* , Shazali Abu Mansor, Bakri Abdul Karim, Chin-Hong Puah, Jerome Kueh and Evan Lau
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Factors of E-service Quality among Malaysian Millennial Streaming Service Users
Shafique Mohamed Khatib, Lim Chui Seong*, Wong Siew Chin and Hong Kay Tze
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Role of Foreign Exchange Exposure in determining Hedging Practises in Malaysia
Adilah A. Wahab, Ruzita Abdul Rahim* and Hawati Janor
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Modelling Volatility in the Presence of Abrupt Jumps: Empirical Evidence from Islamic Stock Markets
Ng Sew Lai*, Chin Wen Cheong and Chong Lee Lee
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Are Executive Directors Paid Enough? Evidence from Conflicting Related-Party Transactions
Mohd Mohid Rahmat*, Nor Suhaila Mohd Ghazali and Nurhidayah Nordin
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Does Financial Openness Tell Much about Fertility Transitions?
Zhi Khei Lim, Siow Li Lai* and Tuck Cheong Tang
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Factors Affecting Rebudgeting in Local Government: From Organizational Feature to Political Variables
Wahyu Widyaningrum, Doddy Setiawan Rayenda Khresna Brahmana*
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Dynamic Average-Forecast Value-at-Risk by Using High Frequency IPC Mexican Index
Chin Wen Cheong*, Liu Chengzhi, Jing Shengzheb and Ye Zhiqing
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The Role of Autonomous Motivation in the Relationship between Social Capital Dimensions and Tacit Knowledge Sharing among Academics
Khawar Naheed and Rosmah Mat Isa*
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Manpower Requirements for Selected Services Subsectors in Malaysia: An Input-Output Analysis
Bawani Lelchumanan*, Rahmah Ismail and Noorasiah Sulaiman
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Non-linear Effects of Public Debt on Economic Growth in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Countries
Sanusi, K.A., Hassan, A.S. and Meyer, D.F.*
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Income Inequality and Convergence in Central Java under Regional Autonomy
Daryono Soebagyo, Mohd Fahmy-Abdullah, Lai Wei Sieng* and Jihad Lukis Panjawa
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Social Intention Model: The Effect of Self and Social Facets on Studentsí Social Intention
Chui Seong Lim and Nor Asiah Omar*
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Heterogeneity of Opinion, Shareholder Retention Ratio and Lockup Period: Malaysian Evidence
Ali Albada, Low Soo-Wah, Othman Yong, Annuar Md Nassir, Fakarudin Kamarudin* and Nazratul Aina Mohamad Anwar
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The Causal Direction of Equity Returns Volatility: Evidence From Selected Developed and Emerging Marketís Economies
Sharmila Thinagar, Norlin Khalid and Zulkefly Abdul Karim*
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Composite Index of Thailandís Bond Market Efficiency in Terms of Transparency and Liquidity
Saowanit Pulpet*, Saksit Budsayaplakorn, Supachart Sukharomana and Thana Sompornserm
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